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  • Trusts

    Despite its lack of legal personality, a trust can have legal capacity and the trustees may perform juristic acts, to the extent that the trust deed allows this. Trusts are normally used to hold and protect personal or business assets, it is therefore the perfect vehicle to use for estate planning.

    We can distinguish between two types of trusts:
    Inter Vivos Trusts – trusts between living people. Examples thereof are family trusts and employee incentive trusts.
    Testamentary Trusts – trusts created in terms of a will.
    How can we help?
    With our experts in estate planning and corporate structuring we will be more than able to assist you with setting up and tailoring a trust for your specific needs.
    These needs may include the following:
    1. Registering of trusts
    2. Estate planning
    3. Preparation of annual financial statements
    4. Calculation and submission of taxation
  • Service Entities

    Companies in the service delivery industry are involved in retail, finance, transport, distribution, food services, banking and legal consulting. In South Africa, the service sector contributes to more than 50% of the total GDP.
    Although the international ramifications of the 2008 debt crisis did impact on the SA economy, the banks were largely unaffected and the government did not find it necessary to bail out any financial institutions.  The financial sector in South Africa comprises of 30 banks and is exceptionally well managed.
    With economic unrest throughout the world this industry will however always be at risk.
    How can we help?
    Seeing that this is such an important industry, we pride ourselves in our excellent knowledge of this industry. We have extensive experience in the financial audit of funds, fund managers and insurance brokers. We will definitely be able to limit any potential risk that your company may face.
  • Retailers / Wholesalers

    Recently the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has published a new Standard, IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers. The new Standard is effective for reporting periods beginning on or after January 1, 2017, and may affect profit recognition, timing of revenue and breakage.
    How can we help?
    With several clients in this industry we have built-up the necessary “know-how” on how to assist you with your financial audits and any other possible queries that might be raised.
  • Property / Investment Entities

    Investing in property can be an exceptionally rewarding and lucrative business, provided you get it right. Setting up the correct property investment structure is the most crucial step in the property investing process.
    How can we help?
    With some of our current clients being the under the leaders in this industry, within the Western Cape, we pride ourselves in having the necessary technical knowledge and experience to perform the financial audits and other related services within this sector.
  • Non-Profit Organisations

    With the ever growing social-economical problems of our world, the need for people wanting to make a positive difference is increasing at a tremendous rate. The number of Non-Profit entities in South Africa has increased from 85 248 in 2011/12 to 153 667 in 2015/16.
    With large corporate donors and government wanting to be ensured that funds donated will allocated towards valid causes, a need for audited annual financial statements has risen.
    How can we help?
    At CAP Chartered Accountants we pride ourselves in promoting a family orientated, care-giving culture. A culture like this has led to us over the years to be involved with several Non-Profit Organisations.
    To assist Non-Profit Orgainisation in their goal of bettering our world, we at CAP Chartered Accountants strive to deliver the highest possible quality work at rates tailored for each Non-Profit's specific needs.
  • Manufacturers / Engineering

    The South African manufacturing and engineering industry has been slow in its recovery after the 2008/2009 recession. Statistics South Africa reported that growth in this industry slowed down to 0.0% in 2015. It is in tough seasons like this that you need a highly competent expert to assist you and your company in gaining the competitive advantage and continue growing against all odds
    How can we help?
    With some of our current clients being the leaders in specific areas within this industry, we have the necessary experience and technical knowledge to assist you in the following:
    1. Financial audits
    2. Assisting in creating the most efficient corporate structure to ensure no unnecessary or undue costs.
  • Farming / Agriculture Entities

    The farming and agricultural industry has traditionally been very volatile with a significant number of factors influencing the performance and growth thereof. 
    Climate changes, legislation, mechanization, transformation and international politics are just some of the factors contributing to the volatility of the industry. 
    In a sector like this you need to have some of the best experts in the industry to assist you in ensuring steady growth and a secure your future.
    How can we help?
    With large, multi-national clients in this industry we have some of the best experts in this industry. We can assist you in the following:
    1. Structuring of corporate groups
    2. Audit of valuations on crop 
    3. Financial audits
    4. Taxation
  • Construction Entities

    The low-growth forecast for the South African economy does not predict well for the South African construction industry. An average of 2.0% growth is expected. The construction industry is a tough industry, with only the best of the best surviving therein. 
    To be successful in this industry you need to be able to rely on your financial data and forecasts. 
    How can we help?
    CAP Chartered Accountants has comprehensive experience and resources to assist you in ensuring accurate financial information, for both, historical and future information.
  • Co-Operatives

    Co-Operatives are businesses that is jointly held and controlled by the people who form the Co-Op. Each member has his owns and manages his separate business. They must meet at regular intervals and have to elect directors.
    The legislation behind these businesses is very comprehensive and it is very easy to make mistakes without knowing that you are in breach of a law. That is why you need the assistance of an auditor with the necessary technical knowledge to assist you in ensuring that you act within the scope of all relevant legislation.
    How can we help?
    With several Co-Operatives as clients, we at CAP Chartered Accountants have the technical knowledge and experience to assist you in the following:
    1. Setting up of a Co-Operative
    2. Financial audits
    3. Calculating and submission of taxation
  • Body Corporates / Share Blocks

    Sectional title is often the more affordable way to buy a home, but it comes with its own challenges and you need to be a proactive resident to ensure your body corporate is run properly.  Sectional title schemes have many benefits as expenses are shared between the owners, which allows residents many “extras” that they might not be able to afford if living in a freestanding home.
    How can we help?
    With extensive experience in this industry, we have built up the necessary technical knowledge over the years to assist you in the financial audit of any body corporate.
  • Attorneys / Estate Agents Trust Accounts

    Even though unincorporated firms of attorneys are not subject to a general audit requirement, they still have a duty to have their trust accounts audited. Depending on the industry, the audit report for the preceding 12 months should reach the Law Society or the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) within six months after the financial year end.
    How can we help?
    With several of our close business partners being in this industry, we have gathered the necessary technical skills and know-how to perform the audits of trust accounts in the most efficient way.
    We are more than capable of assisting with the following:
    1. Audit of Annual Financial Statements;
    2. Audit of Trust Accounts; and
    3. Submission of the Annual Financial Statements to the EAAB / Law Society.


  • Asset and Fund Managers

    South African Asset Managers must register as Financial Service Providers (FSPs) with the Financial Services Board (FSB) under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS). Fit and proper requirements under FAIS require different categories of FSPs to maintain specified minimum levels of capital, an example being that category I FSPs must maintain liquid assets equal to or greater than 4/52 weeks of annual expenditure.