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  • Taxation - OVERVIEW:

    Structuring your business to achieve tax efficiency can be a daunting task, but one that can have a significant impact on business operations. 
    Our dedicated team of tax administrators develops your tax strategy in line with organisational goals and good corporate citizenry.

    Our tax team also manages your tax obligations ensuring that you meet your required annual  tax responsibilities.
    Download and read the 2018/2019 Tax Guide  here


    Our corporate tax team are experts in navigating the complexity of the modern South African tax landscape.
    We provide strategy and management solutions for the following Taxes:
    • Income Tax;
    • Capital Gains Tax (CGT);
    • Secondary Tax on companies / Dividend withholding Tax;
    • Value Added Tax; and
    • Employees Tax.
    Our Tax services also extend to:
    • Business tax structuring;
    • Zero-rated VAT transactions;
    • Unbundling transactions;
    • Profit distributions;
    • Merger & acquisitions;
    • Property transactions;
    • Specific transactions advised beforehand;
    • Preparation of Objections and Appeals to SARS;
    • Negotiations and Settlements with SARS;
    • Income Versus Capital Distinctions;
    • Representation at Alternative Dispute Ruling (ADR) Meetings; and
    • Taxation Consultancy.

    Our team takes ownership of the time consuming administration of your tax commitments by administering the following processes:
    • Various Tax Type Registrations with SARS;
    • First and Second Provisional Tax Returns;
    • Third Provisional Tax Calculations;
    • Calculation and Submission of Individual Tax Returns;
    • Submission of Corporate tax Returns;
    • Receiving and Responding to Correspondence from SARS; and
    • Keeping you Informed and up-to-date with your SARS Profile.
    Other Tax services include:
    • Application for a Tax Directive;
    • Tax Clearance Certificates: Government Tenders, Good Standing and Foreign Investments;
    • IT14SD Verification Audits; and  
    • Attending to all SARS queries and enquiries on behalf of the taxpayer.